Who We Work With–Presentation Skills for Professional Services

We serve professionals and entrepreneurs. Clients include accountants, attorneys, consultants, engineers, executives, financial planners,  health professionals and scientists as well as business owners.

Typical Client Issues

  • Your firm has the credentials, the experience and the expertise, but you’re losing business to less qualified competitors.
  • Prospective clients don’t fully understand the value of your services.  You’re confident you’d be a great fit, but face skepticism and a reluctance to commit.
  • You’re spending plenty of time and money on business development, but it’s just not paying off.  You want to increase your ROI by closing more business.
  • Your team has great technical knowledge and experience, lacks a process that allows them to communicate their ideas to clients clearly, concisely and convincingly.
  • Your internal meetings are tedious.  They run overtime and little gets accomplished.  People spend too long getting to the point, and frequently go off on tangents.

We work best with clients who:

  • Demonstrate expertise and professionalism with their own clients
  • Deliver outstanding value in the services they provide
  • Recognize that facts don’t “speak for themselves.”  Ideas need advocacy.


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