RainMaking Presentations–The Book


1. Leveraging Expertise: Grow Your Business by Leveraging Your Expertise
2. Analyze: RainMaking Presentations Connect with Your Audience
3. Strategize: RainMaking Presentations Contain Purpose
4. Organize: RainMaking Presentations Transform Information into Knowledge
5. Vitalize: RainMaking Presentations Make the Theoretical Concrete
6. Verbalize: RainMaking Presentations Persuade with Language
7. Visualize: RainMaking Presentations Illustrate Ideas
8. Dramatize: RainMaking Presentations Engage Listeners
9. RainMaking Presentations in Different Contexts
10. How to Discover and Create RainMaking Opportunities
11.  Marketing Your RainMaking Presentations: Materials and Methods

“The most up-to-date source available on the increasingly wide array of opportunities for professionals to present their knowledge and services.  It covers new electronic channels as clearly and thoroughly as it does more traditional forums. It’s thoroughly organized to be used both as a guide and a reference book. It’s a tremendous resource.”Ford Harding, author of Rain Making.

“Whether you’re a novice speaker or a seasoned pro, you’ll find Dr. Sommerville’s book a treasure of tested tools and tips that will clearly enhance your next presentation. In a highly readable and pragmatic way, he shows us how to bring life to any talk and how to impact our audiences in an engaging way”Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP, Past President of the National Speakers Assn. and coauthor of McGraw–Hill’s Games Trainers Play series.

“Communication is a crafted skill honed over time and through great practice.  The advice and strategies provided in this book are designed to build masterful communication habits for excellent performance”Dr. Nido Qubein, President, High Point University; chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

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